Roller Derby Writing Internship

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StraightForward Media
Company Location: Rapid City, SD
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 4 Part-time, Unpaid

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StraightForward Interactive is both an online advertising agency and publishing company with a portfolio of content-rich websites, and these internships pertain to the publishing side. Our headquarters is in Rapid City, S.D., but you will work remotely.

We own a portfolio of roller derby-themed websites: is our flagship site, and we have about 20 sites worldwide for other countries (,, etc.). We're looking for interns to write weekly stories about roller derby for publication on our sites. You'll pitch your own stories and once you get editorial approval, you're off to the races. Your work will likely be translated into other languages and posted on our foreign sites, if the content is applicable.

Roller derby is growing explosively across the U.S. and the world; however, there are not yet any "signature" roller derby writers that are well-known for their derby writing. All of your articles will be bylined, and there is a legitimate opportunity here to become the go-to, best-known writer for an entire sport. In that sense, this really is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity if you believe, as we do, that roller derby is here to stay and will only become a bigger and more well-known sport.

It helps, but it's not required, to be familiar with and a fan of roller derby. You can learn that on the job if need be; it doesn't take long. Finding story ideas will not be difficult: there are dozens of high-profile (within the derby world) players with whom you can conduct interviews, for starters. Telling personal stories of derby players is an excellent source of content which does not exist yet on the Web. "Derby Profiles" will be a section of the site that will become very popular, and your name could be on all of them.

We look forward to bringing you on board!


It appears I covered this earlier, but to recap: You'll be writing roller derby articles and interviewing the best players in the sport, and building the best roller derby websites in the world. Period.


You must have some writing experience; college newspaper/website work is great, and obviously professional experience is even better. Journalism/Mass Comm/English majors are great, but you need not be one of those to be a good writer. Enthusiasm for roller derby is highly recommended; I'd rather have a raving derby fan who's an average writer than an excellent writer who's simply going through the motions. I'd like to see writing samples -- just point me to some links on the Web to articles you've written.

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