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Looking for an intern to write witty blurbs (think tweet or a little longer) about people's moods and state of mind. For example

...would you rather read that your best friend is feeling "ok" or that s/he is "has been getting jiggy with it".

...if your mom is not doing well, would you rather read that she's been "down" or that she "did not pass go and seems to be going directly to jail"

We'll set you up with assignments and you would be responsible for writing these fun, sweet, witty blurbs. Lots of them!


- Produce content for Senti (social media application launching this summer)
- Collaborate with company founders in submitting and revising content based on feedback


- Possess skills in writing concise, entertaining/interesting statements about people's moods/state of mind
- Ability to "write forever". That is, you may be writing about the same thing in many unique, different ways
- Ability to get inspired and work independently (from anywhere)
- Please submit samples of your work. Can be documents or links to blogs, etc online.

How To Apply

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