Sports Writer for Entertainment/Lifestyle Magazine

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Deviate Publishing
Company Location: Atlanta, GA
Application Deadline: November 30, 2014
Position: 2 Part-time, Unpaid
Timeframe: 12/01/14 — 05/04/15

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{C} Magazine offers itself as a vehicle of the changing tides of all things entertainment and lifestyle based. Our pages offer what's new in fashion, sports, automobile trends, Green, techno-savvy must-haves, a bourgeoning palate for the ever growing foodie and so much more.


* Writing extensive feature articles, daily news stories, and reviews websites/print publications.

* Attending and covering various industry's parties and events, as well as staying in tune with the latest in entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, world events and more.

*Working with the magazine Editor to insure that our readers have entertaining articles to read, as well as providing a strong balance in overall content.

This is a critical editorial position that requires excellent communication and research skills and the ability to develop sources. The successful applicant not only will fulfill the technical criteria, but also possess a strong work ethic, a competitive spirit, and the ability to work independently.

Open-mindedness is essential, as sometimes you will be required to write about or interview people or things outside of your general likes.


Candidate must have a feature-writing background, ability to meet deadlines, devotion to detail, sound news judgment, ability to work efficiently and independently, and a knowledge of or willingness to learn all about lifestyle topics and more. Experience with news writing, fashion, music and entertainment industry-related and lifestyle issues is a strongly preferred

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