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ULoop News Network
Company Location: Saint Petersburg, FL
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 20 Part-time, Unpaid
Timeframe: ? — 12/21/12

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ULoop News Network is a college ran and focused news site. We are currently seeking staff writers for our new Eckerd College branch in St. Petersburg, FL to start IMMEDIATELY.

We are similar to Huffington Post and USA Today College, and many of our writers get their work published with them-a great way to begin building your portfolio and get your name out there. We do a lot of opinions, viewpoints and commentary-style articles and like each article to be about, focused on, or related to Eckerd College, or college life in general. College students are the main audience and the ones who run the show!
We currently have branches set up at over 50 universities across the US.

This is an unpaid internship, but is great experience to add to your resume, and your editor could be a source for future letters of recommendation!
This position will be done remotely, from your own computer wherever you are this summer, and during the school year, meetings will be on an as-needed basis-so this internship can fit into any busy schedule.
I ask my writers to hand in one article of at least 300 words/week, or bi-weekly in special circumstances (athletes, working students, abroad students, etc).

So, check out the link below, find out what we're all about, apply today and start tomorrow!
Your friendly student Editor & Manager Katie Honan will be contacting you.

I Look forward to hearing from you!


-Turn in articles to manager/editor for criticism-take that criticism and work on articles for improvement-editor and other writers will be available to help you!
-Research and learn the FACTS of what you are writing about
-Interviewing skills are helpful, but your editor can help train you!
-Knowledge of APA style...again, your editor can help you with this, but it is helpful to buy the relatively inexpensive APA book (all journalism classes and jobs require this knowledge, so it's really an investment). And your editor has other tools to help you learn this style.
-More responsibilities will be discussed as you are hired and throughout the semester


-Must be an Eckerd College Student (including incoming freshman)
-No experience required
-Love for writing, learning, teaching and improving your skills!
-Self-motivated, self-starter
-Good attitude
-Able to take constructive criticism and improve
-Need a computer with internet access, or access to one (such as a library)
-Able to stay and be in contact with your manager/editor
-Hand in articles at least 1/week or 1/2week in special circumstances
-At least one semester commitment, but stay as long as you like!

How To Apply

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