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The YoNinja Internship Program’s primary purpose and focus is to enable intelligent, motivated, and ethical people to expand their skills and gain experience working in a multi-national, bi-lingual work environment.

You will have real responsibility in an exciting and fast paced company that will give you opportunities to gain additional skill sets and further advance your career. We are targeting a very niche market with very few competitors and none of which currently match our quality of service and software functionality. is a multinational company based out of Tokyo, Japan. Our internship program hires interns year-round for various departments within our company. Departments consist of Business Analyst, Designers (Print and Web), Programmers/Developers (HTML, CSS, JAVA, PHP, Drupal Customizations), SEO and Marketing, Translation Services (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, French, Spanish), and Creative Writing.

Our internship program is available to both interns that will work at our office in Shinjuku, Tokyo as well as interns that will self manage their time and work from home. If you wish to work remotely, we will provide you with the tools you will need, but you must own your own personal computer be able to hold routine meetings with your internship mentor via Skype video. is a young company and is a subsidiary of, an IT and Business Consulting company; also based in Tokyo, Japan. This internship will allow you to gain international business experience with a multinational company. You will be able to speak in Japanese and English with our Japanese staff and have opportunities to hold meetings with our Japanese and foreign customers.

Our internship program is flexible and caters to both Japanese and non-Japanese speakers. So whether your goal is to work in a Japanese-speaking environment or to work in an English-speaking environment for a Japanese company, our internship program is catered to you!

The Internship Program has both PAID and UNPAID positions. Paid internships are based on availability and previous work experience. All interns, whether they are on the PAID or UNPAID program, will qualify to participate in the YoNinja Commission Program.

If you can speak, read, or write Japanese, this is definitely a plus and you will have several opportunities to use your language skills and improve upon them.

As our company grows and positions becoming available, you will be first in line for potential placement as a full time employee of This could mean, being relocated to Tokyo, Japan to work and live in one of the most amazing cities in the world! With your hard work, and our growth and success, we would love to be able to extend an offer to you to allow you to experience life, living and working, in this amazing country we call Nihon!

So, if this sounds like something that interests you, please apply through our internship job posting!


Depending on which group you interview for, you will be responsible for supporting the appropriate teams in their efforts in making the leading travel and review site on the web. Our goal is to be the leading website for travel reviews and information for all!

To read more about this position, please reference our careers page at


As an intern, you will be required to help in any and all areas that need assistance. We feel that having knowledge in many different areas of business is always a valuable thing to have, however, we do understand that as an Intern you may have specific goals in mind and areas of business that you wish to focus on. So we will try our best to keep you focused on the skills and tasks you wish to get the most experience with. Our goal is to train and educate you throughout the entire duration of the program.

We require a basic foundation and understanding of the department you wish to intern for. For example, if you were interested in interning as a Programmer/Designer, we would expect you to have some basic level of understanding and experience or formal education in the areas of html, CSS, or java programming or knowledge of graphic design suites, such as Adobe or Microsoft. We hope to take your foundation of knowledge, and further refine and educate through the YoNinja program with the hope of preparing you for a successful career of your choosing.

The intern must be able to speak, read, and write English at a business level.

speaking, reading, and writing in Japanese and Chinese is a PLUS!

If working as a remote intern, you will need to possess a personal computer with a reliable intern connection to conduct business and hold routine meetings with your mentor.

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