Unpaid but Fun Internship

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Company Location: Hammond, IN
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 30 Part-time, Unpaid

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Let me start off by saying I think it's great you're taking on an internship, especially unpaid. This shows you are serious about your dedication to improve your experience with writing. This internship is one of the most relaxed internships you will find. You choose your hours and days. If you don't want to write certain days of the week, just let me know. I don't hold your hours or work availability against you.

If you feel you can follow easy instructions, hand in quality work,please go ahead and apply.

I will provide a bonus here and there if the work is always handed in on time. This will be a small bonus, but a bonus showing appreciation.


All I ask is if you say you will turn in work at a certain time, please do so. I know sometimes emergencies come up, but for the most part I expect work to be done on time.


The only requirements would be to write with quality grammar and follow instructions easily. Absolutely no plagiarism allowed.

How To Apply

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