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Gain valuable work experience as a published writer, enhance your CV and increase your employability (possibly with us!). There’s NO sign up cost – it’s FREE!
Having published work that you can show employers is one of the best ways of improving your chances of landing your perfect job.

"The GKBC Writing Academy has truly served as a platform for experience, and has led me to gain freelance copywriting work because of the rich portfolio of published work I built!"
Stephanie Croft, Academy recruit

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Taran is a 23-year-old member of the Writing Academy who has recently secured a graduate position thanks to her writing experience with us.

My name is Taran, and like many others in my age group (the ripe old age of 23) after finishing University I struggled to find employment. Well…let me rephrase that former sentence; I struggled to find employment that was actually relevant to my career plans and goals.

Now, regarding my plans and goals I was not asking for much. I was not seeking to become the next Beyoncé, Taylor Swift or even Rita Ora, but merely instead I wanted a job that was relevant to my degree. A graduate position that would justify the thousands of pounds worth of debt I had accumulated, the hours spent in the library and most importantly the hours spent studying instead of sleeping.

Unfortunately despite attending one of the top fifteen universities in the country, and one that was number one for one of half of my joint honours degree, as well as spending a year studying abroad at a top private American university like many other graduates I struggled.

However, thanks to a great opportunity from the GKBCinc Writing Academy I was able to practice my first love (writing) and also impress a company so much with my articles that I was offered a graduate position.

As I had obtained my degree in English and American studies I decided to practice the practical writing skills obtained on my degree course by filling out an endless stream of intern and job applications. It was through filling out these applications that I had signed up for website where I came across the GKBCinc Writers Academy. Nervously I submitted a written piece, which I had previously published on my personal blog and I was relieved to hear that I had been accepted, and therefore I began my journey as a writer working on various articles assigned to me.

Due to the written assignments that I had completed I was able to add them into my own writer’s portfolio, and also add my writing experience onto my CV. The articles proved to be invaluable to filling out job applications. Not only could I attach examples of my work, but I could also discuss the articles in covering letters detailing relevant experience or interest in certain graduate positions that I was applying for. Most importantly, the articles allowed me to take a physical copy of work into a job interview as a means to leave a lasting impression and differentiate myself from other candidates.

It was for the job interview of a copy editor for an international payments software company that I took along my portfolio of work and immediately the interviewers were very impressed. By taking along these pieces of work I was able to chat comfortably with the interviewers about my genuine passion for writing, editing, and all things research and copy editorial based. In fact they were so impressed that even requested to keep the articles!

Read more at http://gkbcinc.com/join-our-writer-academy/


Benefits of becoming a member of the GKBC Academy include:

Real employment opportunities for those who show star potential
Gain work experience and published work online
Regular creative assignments to fit in around your studies
No cost, completely flexible arrangement
Get your work seen by thousands of eye balls
Feedback and support from in-house editors at GKBC to help you develop your writing for different audiences
Your by-line in all published work, essential on any C.V. As work builds up, you will end up with an impressive portfolio of published online work
A reference from us confirming your regular contribution for potential employers
Regular training sessions and one-to-one feedback for consistent contributors (optional)
Participation in an exclusive writing community
The content you create will be promoted through GKBC and through our network of contacts with A-list sites as well as through social media. The better the content, the greater the potential exposure. This process of generating quality, creative content is the key to building a professional personal brand online – are you interested in learning more about how your creative interests can be translated into an exciting career while at the same time building a profile as a talented writer?

"I took my academy portfolio of written work [to the interview] and that’s partly the reason why I got my new job."
Tarran Bassi, Academy Recruit

Read more at http://gkbcinc.com/join-our-writer-academy/

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