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Write interesting articles about the science of the brain and psychology for http://mts.unitedintentions.org. Our inspiration site is similar to the articles on http://greatergood.berkeley.edu/. The title and content of articles are based on a google keyword strings.


· Write interesting articles. Build online writing presence.

Virtual, may work remotely
Flexible hours
5 to 20 hours a week

Compensation or Considerations
Work study students are available for compensation through their college.
College credit is available along with the opportunity to gain valuable experience.
This internship may turn into a part -time or career position.

How to Apply
Apply with resume and cover letter to rthomas@googlejets.com.


Required Skills/Experience/Qualities
· Ability to write, edit, revise, and receive feedback on articles.
· Proficiency with using Word.
· Willing to build Klout.com profile.

Desired Skills
· Willing to learn how to write articles with exciting titles and interesting content based on keyword focus.

How To Apply

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