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All internships are VIRTUAL you can work from any city, state, any where you are.

Nationalist Magazine seeks strong journalists to cover stories within the their local area. This is a very rewarding position that offers experience, the opportunity to get your work published in a national magazine, as well as improving communication skills. With this position you can cover stories assigned to you on your own time, however a deadline will be assigned and expected to be met. With an extremely flexible schedule, this internship can fit into anyone's lifestyle.

We are very flexible with our intern’s schedules, but you must complete the tasks given and meet deadlines. This is a virtual internship that means that everything is done online via email and Skype. It is vital that you read everything carefully. You must be able to communicate via email and be able to read and follow the direction efficiently. You must be obsessively organized!

You will be given an email address this email address should be the only one you use when contacting anyone on behalf of the magazine, as well as when contacting the staff and other interns. We will give you a contact list for staff and the other interns.

You will need to choose days and times that will be considered your schedule and during that time staff from Nationalist should be able to contact you and get a hold of you immediately, with any questions or concerns.


Social Media interns:

• Create and maintain a content editorial calendar
• Manage and engage followers on various social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and blogs
• Design and execute the overall social media strategy, including promotions, trivia, games, contests, tips, and so on for your category
• Aggregate and/or create article and or video content
• Communicate exciting social media news
• Distribute content to various content websites
• Monitor and engage on various social media platforms
• Put together monthly email campaigns for your category
• Internet research to find and engage with social media communications
• Blog at least once a week or more if you like
• Estimated weekly hours are 8-10 hours per week, unless you have more time than that! (schedule is flexible, but most days will require a minimum of 1 hour, to keep the communication constant)
• Intern will work remotely, on his/her own computer
• Opportunities for increased responsibility, including writing, contributor and editorials.

Graphics Design
The graphics intern working closely with art directors via email and or Skype they help design and produce pages and process art and photographs to organize and present the news visually .

Skills/Qualifications: Graphic Design Skills, Layout Skills, Creativity, Flexibility, Attention to Detail, Deadline-Oriented, Acute Vision, Excellent time management skills, and requires minimal supervision. Skilled in Photo editing, photo shop, Proficiency in Adobe Products, Illustrator and InDesign, Final Cut Pro, Proficient in Microsoft Office products and basic computer skills, Strong written and verbal communication skills, Ability to meet regular deadlines.

The virtual photography intern works with photographers and editors, helps schedule shooting assignments for every section of the magazine does photo editing, logging and research. They may be asked to cover local events in their area.
Skills/Qualifications: Excellent time management skills, and requires minimal supervision. Skilled in Photo editing, photo shop, Proficiency in Adobe Products, Communication Skills, Creative Eye

Video journalism
Determine the category niches to work within on the site, pitch ideas to the editor, work with editor on the ideas that are selected, go out and capture news - scope out stories - Conduct man on the street & expert interviews - Report on current events on a national or local scale
Skills/Qualifications: Videography, Proficiency in Adobe Products, Illustrator and InDesign, Proficiency in Video Editing, Final Cut Pro, Communication Skills, Creative Eye, Creative Thinker, Ability to speak on camera, Ability to create professional videos, Strong work ethic, Produce 1 video per week minimum for 2 months, Must be able to work between 10-15 hours a week.


Virtual Internships Available:
All internships are VIRTUAL you can work from any city, state, any where you are.

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