Writer for LGBT Dating Site

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As the writer for our dating site, Datebound.com, you will be engaging our current and potential customers with information about relationships, dating, romance and more, all within the queer community in a variety of social media platforms.


- Write Facebook and Twitter messages and responses
- Respond to comments in a timely manner.
- Blog
- Write articles, press releases, and submit to these to bloggers as well as LGBT news hubs online and offline
- Submit a weekly report of your accomplishments


- Must have access to a computer and the internet.
- Must create an account with Datebound.com (it's free).
- Must have general computer knowledge and internet skills.
- Must know twitter and facebook etiquette.
- Must have an email account.
- Must have excellent grammar skills.
- Must communicate with all people in association with Datebound.com with respect.
- Must have knowledge of the Queer/ LGBTIA communities.

How To Apply

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