Music Writer: News & Feature

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We are currently seeking writers to tackle everything from daily music news to unique feature stories, and album & show reviews for the fall and spring semesters. In most cases, we are able to offer college credit.

What perks are there?

Free music: Physical CDs and Mp3s, (usually) before release dates.
Free Concert Tickets-Want to review your favorite band’s show? Let’s talk!
Experience/Resume Building/Networking-We’ll give you the experience you need to not only build your resume and chase your dreams, but also the skills needed to get there.


-Post news on our website, 2-5 times/week
-Album & show reviews as assigned
-Feature stories as assigned


-Writing and communication skills
-Familiarity with local and national music scene (indie, rock, metal, pop punk, pop)
-Experience with Wordpress
-Willingness to learn

How To Apply

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