The Industry

Are you looking for biotech internships or entry-level biotech jobs? If your idea of fun on a Friday night is testing the effectiveness of microbes eating oil spills in a lab environment, then you’ll find an internship and career in biotech fascinating and rewarding. Biotechnology involves the use of living organisms to design and develop practical products for fields such as medicine, agriculture, manufacturing, forensic science, energy, and the environment. Biotech scientists work in areas such as disease control and genetic testing, and their work has the potential to save lives.

The Internship

A summer biotech internship will give you the chance to gain a full spectrum of lab experience and build analytical, communication, and presentation skills. You could support new product development or contribute to research in areas such as drug tolerance for antibody assays. Your research findings from the biotech internship could even be included in published articles! While a bachelor’s degree in biotechnology will help you obtain a biological technician or biomedical engineering job, you’ll need a doctorate in order to carry out independent R&D as a biochemist or biophysicist. 

The Career Options

There is a range of careers and specialties within the biotech industry. You could specialize in agricultural, environmental, pharmaceutical, or forensic biotechnology and pursue work in R&D, manufacturing and production, quality control, regulations, and documentation or other areas. Colleges and universities, biotech firms, pharmaceutical companies, and medical and chemical manufacturing companies all need people with biotech backgrounds. You can work in a lab as a biological technician, biochemist or biophysicist, or apply your biotech training in a career as a government regulator or attorney.

The Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for the biotech field is projected to grow as fast as average over the next decade, with biological technician jobs projected to grow by 5% and biochemist and biophysicist jobs projected to grow by 8%.

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