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With job opportunities widely available, business internships offer experience in some of the top metropolitan areas, such as New York, San Francisco and Dallas. Landing an internship is the best way to get valuable exposure to the field of business, and provides insight into finance, mergers, acquisitions and other key business components. Being a business intern is often better than reading about it in class! Where else can an eager intern get an insider's view of how business strategy being implemented in the business world?

Business internships in New York often focus around Wall Street and investment firms. Though many of these institutions have evolved to offer more than just tradition investment or financial marketing advice, internships at these organizations are often focused on one particular type of business discipline, although there is always opportunity, given commitment and voicing of interest, to expand the learning vista and touch upon other areas these financial giants cover.

In other markets, such as Dallas, Chicago, Northern California and St. Louis, the focus on business internships may be centered around more regional industries; retail, natural resources, technology or manufacturing, but each of these can provide a solid and diverse foundation from which the business intern can learn and profit.

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