7 Careers for Shy People

Updated: September 9, 2020

Some people love the spotlight; they’re the life of the party, they chat up the barista each morning, and they bond with salespeople at every store. This, however, is not you. If you’d rather cozy up with a good book than go on a date on Friday night, check out these career options for shy people.

1. Forestry Technician — You literally spend your days miles away from anyone, surrounded only by stately, silent trees. Forestry technicians work in the forest to protect and preserve the woods and wildlife.

2. Writer — It doesn’t matter if you work from home, at a coffee shop, or in an office. Writers are pretty notorious for being silent observers of life, so you’ll have a good excuse to put on headphones and focus on your work.

3. Accountant — As an accountant, you spend your days buried in spreadsheets and formulas. Tucked away in a cubicle (or, hopefully, a corner office), you make sure a company’s numbers add up.

4. Researcher — Whether it’s quantitative or qualitative research, the one constant in this job is that you’ll be tucked away. You might be hidden behind a microscope or leafing through stacks of books at a library, but either way, you’ll be blessedly alone.

5. Engineer — No matter the specialty (chemical, mechanical, electrical, or civil), engineers are well known for their preference for numbers and science over interacting with people.

6. Livestock Rancher — If people make you uncomfortable, the best thing to do is to simply avoid them. Livestock ranchers spend their days with animals—raising, breeding, and caring for large creatures, such as cows and horses.

7. Computer Programmer — If you’re more comfortable with talking to a computer than a person, check out this job. Computer programmers write code for software, used in everything from games to online shopping.