Careers to Consider as a Computer Science Major

Updated: September 9, 2020

We’re living in the Information Age, and computers touch almost every part of our lives on a daily basis. We use computers to communicate, plan, shop, research, and play. It stands to reason, then, that majoring in computer science is a seriously smart move for the 21st century.

As a comp sci major, you’ll learn a lot about computers (both hardware and software). In addition, you’ll learn about the many real-world applications of technology. Imagine designing a circuit board for the next generation of iPads, creating a satellite program that could warn people about an oncoming tsunami, or building a website that connects millions of people. You can do all of that and more. Pretty cool, huh?

And we’d be remiss not to give a shout-out to the ladies: Only 12% of computer science grads are women! This is a huge, complex problem that requires equally complex solutions. Many women would be very happy in computer science, and diversity in hiring is crucial for both corporate and societal growth. So while anyone can (and should!) consider a career in computer science, it’s an especially good idea if you’re a woman or women-identifying.

With new tech innovations driving up the demand for skilled scientists, computer pros are among the most in-demand job applicants. “The country is producing 40,000 computer science graduates each year, but the need is for more than 120,000,” points out William Kamela, policy advisor for Microsoft.

That’s good news for you, as you’ll have pretty great odds of landing a job after graduation.

If you want to get some hands-on experience, check out upcoming internships for comp sci majors.