Top Jobs for Video Gamers

Updated: January 6, 2020

Imagine having a boss who actually wants you to play games all day long. If you work as a video game tester, that could actually be your life! Unfortunately, only a few very lucky people have this dream job. But the video game industry—which develops, markets, and sells digital games—has many more careers that can put your gaming know-how to good use. Read on for our top jobs for gamers.

  1. Game Programmer — Behind every great game is a great team of programmers. As a programmer, you write the code that brings video games to life, from building worlds to animating characters.
  2. Animator — Every time your character seamlessly flies over a ravine and then jumps on her horse, you have an animator to thank. An animator is both an artist and a software engineer, creating the moving, interactive components for video games.
  3. 3D Modeler — Translate ideas from rough sketches to 3D forms to craft life-like game characters and immersive gaming environments.
  4. Game Script Writer — From Mario’s victorious, “Woohoo!” to the hours of rich dialog in The Witcher, game script writers are the voice behind the game. Use your writing skills to keep players engaged and move the story forward.
  5. Marketing Analyst — Discover what gamers really want by staying on top of the latest trends and topics. Then, use that data to ensure gaming companies make informed business decisions.
  6. Sales Rep — Share your enthusiasm for video games by promoting new game releases to customers. For extroverted gamers, being a sales rep lets you talk about games all day long—and get paid for it.