Top 7 Horticulture Jobs

Updated: January 2, 2020

For many, the world is divided into dog people and cat people. But what about plant people? If you play classical music to help your plants grow and obsessively test your soil’s pH levels, you’re in the right place. As a budding horticulturist, we’ve got a list of seven jobs that will make your career blossom.  Here’s how to make the world a little greener:

1. Plant Pathologist — You can tell that a person is sick when they go through a whole box of tissues in an hour. Plants, however, don’t give off many signs. As a plant pathologist, you’ll be a plant doctor, figuring out how to cure what ails your flora friends.

2. Nursery Worker — Like a nursery school teacher, you care for and keep track of your tiny charges. In this type of nursery, however, those charges are plants, not children. You grow them and sell them to loving homes, and all they require is water, light, and a little TLC.

3. Landscape Designer — For those with a green thumb and an eye for design, landscape designers take functional spaces and ensure they’re beautiful to behold. Much like a landscape architect, you lay out attractive public spaces, parks, private gardens, campuses, and more.

4. Horticultural Consultant — Your job is to give advice on pretty much anything that goes in the ground. On any given day, this might mean discussing fertilizer with a farmer or suggesting new golf course grass with a landscape architect.

5. Ornamental Horticulturist — From splendid wedding centerpieces to topiary shrubs shaped like dragons, you make plants into beautiful decorations. Ornamental horticulturalists are employed everywhere from flower shops to landscaping firms.

6. Horticultural Technician — If you just love growing plans, this is the job for you. All day long, you grow plants for nurseries, botanical gardens, medicine, or research.

7. Horticultural Therapist — Some therapists help people through art, while others help through music. You, however, use the power of plants and gardening to help your patients.