Top Jobs for Chemistry Majors

Updated: January 2, 2020

Atoms and molecules and periodic tables, oh my! Chemistry is one of those subjects that sends most people running for the hills, but for others, it’s fascinating. If you’ve loved chemistry since you got your first beakers and vials as a child, check out the following chemistry careers.

1. Forensic Chemist— Fight crime with a lab coat rather than a cape. Forensic chemists test different chemical traces found at crime scenes to help police nab criminals and get the hard evidence they need.

2. Chemical Engineer — Don your lab coat to synthesize and transform materials through chemistry, math, and engineering. As a chemical engineer, you solve problems across a range of industries, producing much-needed materials and equipment.

3. Food Chemist — Many of our favorite snack foods taste great, but aren’t what you’d call “all-natural.” (We’re looking at you, Cheetos.) As a food chemist, you combine different chemicals to produce new kinds of food. You can also work on changing the taste, nutritional content, or packaging of any number of manufactured foods.

4. Geochemist — Though you spend your days with boulders and minerals, this field is no rocks for jocks. As a geochemist, you study the earth by looking at its chemical makeup and use your knowledge to uncover natural resources or protect the environment.

5. Dye Chemist — Find the perfect shade of chartreuse or discover the best way to prevent that turmeric from fading. Dye chemists have a way with colors, and they create longer-lasting formulas and safer combinations for dyes used in clothes, paints, cosmetics, or medical diagnostic tools.