Top Jobs for International Studies Majors

Updated: January 3, 2020

The world’s a big, diverse place. With so many different people, from so many different backgrounds, careers for international studies majors abound. If you want to contribute to the project management of the planet—that is, promoting peace and progress across the world—read on. With these jobs, you can bridge the gap between cultures and work for unity.

1. Humanitarian Aid Worker — Give back and see the world while you assist the less fortunate around the globe. Whether a natural disaster or a poor economy is at fault for the state of the nation, you work to build shelters, supply food, and educate the general population on ways to improve their health and living conditions.

2. International Lawyer — The long arm of the law gets longer when you look at international crimes and cases. Solving disputes between countries, or crimes in one country perpetrated by individuals in another, can prove quite the legal handful. As an international lawyer, you help sort out the paperwork and ensure that your client gets their day in court.

3. Foreign Service Officer — Promote peace and prosperity between your home country and the rest of the world. Travel to foreign countries, meet with important representatives, and monitor current foreign assistance programs to make sure they stay on track.

4. Policy Analyst — If the words “research,” “critical thinking,” and “strategic planning” are what you look for in the classified ads, a career as a policy analyst could be right for you. As the world gets more and more connected, policy analysts are increasingly in demand to research, review, and revise.

5. Researcher — Many international studies majors take on teaching or research jobs for both public and private institutes. From government research projects to teaching positions at universities, you can grow and spread your knowledge and understanding of the world.