Top Jobs for People Persons

Updated: January 5, 2020

Are you happiest in a crowd? Were you named “Best Team Player” in your high school yearbook? Well, you’re in luck. Many jobs rely on employees with top-notch people skills. For the jobs below, introverts need not apply.

  1. Politician — In a career elected by the people, for the people, you’d better be a people person. Represent your constituent as you pass laws, create budgets, and make change.
  2. Community Organizer — Rally others around your righteous cause as you improve the community in which you live. Your people skills will come in handy as you recruit volunteers, gather feedback, and organize events.
  3. Volunteer Coordinator — Nonprofits need all the help they can get, so you organize good people around a good cause.
  4. Social Worker — Connect people to the resources they need during challenging times. You’ll help people from all walks of life, serving as a coach, counselor, researcher, and project manager all rolled into one.
  5. Teacher — As a teacher, you’re surrounded by people all day long, and for the most part, you get to do the talking. Serve as a role model for the next generation, motivating them to do their best.
  6. HR Associate — Human resources is all about lending a helping hand to potential hires, new employees, and current colleagues. If you love working with other people, this rewarding and people-centric career offers a plethora of opportunities.