Top Ten Jobs for Nosy People

Updated: January 6, 2020

If you’re the go-to person when it comes to getting dirt on everything from who’s dating who in the celebrity world to what’s for lunch at school, check out these positions. Your insatiable curiosity for what’s happening in the lives of others makes you the perfect candidate for these in-the-know jobs.

1. Gossip Columnist — Get paid to share your thoughts, ideas, and gossip. You schmooze with celebrities and talk with “unnamed sources” to bring readers the latest on who’s washed up, who’s dating who, and who’s on bump watch.

2. Private Investigator — You find the dirt others want to keep hidden. You follow spouses accused of cheating, dig for lost business files, and track down missing persons.

3. Fraud Investigator — You get to the bottom of things in the business world, gathering evidence to prove fraud — from employees faking accounts to CEOs skimming from the company coffers.

4. Digital Photographer — Confused why digital photographer makes this list? One word: Paparazzi. You’re paid for shots of jailed celebrities and canoodling costars.

5. Vice Police Officer — You interview witnesses, go undercover, and, in general, ask as many questions as you can to bust criminals.

6. Customs Patrol Officer — You post up at a country’s border, monitoring those coming in or going out. Your questions determine things like whether a person is who they say they are and what’s in their trunk.

7. Market Researcher — Companies turn to you when they want buying habit info. You interview people to find out who buys what and what type of marketing tactics work best.

8. Personnel Coordinator — You’re the point person for new company hires. You answer questions about taxes, check paperwork, and investigate employee efficiency.

9. Marketing Analyst — Using information gathered by market researchers, you create your company’s marketing plans.

10. Client Service Associate — Both clients and coworkers rely on you for information on what’s happening with products, project timelines, and the piles of paperwork required to run a business efficiently.