Top Ten Jobs for People Who Hate Cubicles

Updated: January 6, 2020

No walls? No problem. For those that fear the 9–5 grind, with its lack of movement and lack of Vitamin D, here are 10 jobs that will get you out of the office.

1) Animal Trainer or Caretaker — Work as a zookeeper, train dogs for security work, or breed horses. No matter what you’re doing, you’ll be moving around and working with furry colleagues.

2) Welder — Welding definitely keeps you on your feet! Find a job in a factory, work on a construction site, or even get your Commercial Diver ‘s card and become an underwater welder.

3) Construction Worker — There are myriad jobs to be done on a construction site, and none of them involve a desk. Wield a hammer, or become an electrician, plumber, or crane operator.

4) Pilot — As a pilot, your office is  a cockpit, and you steer your own career while you man the controls of commercial or private flights.

5) Physical Therapist — Regular therapists sit and listen; you stand and instruct. Show clients firsthand how to get back into fighting shape on a daily basis.

6) Miner — If you don’t mind getting dirty, mining is a great way to avoid the cubicle. Drive heavy equipment, manage the mine carts, or work your way into the supervisor ‘s hat.

7) Photographer — Outdoor, indoor, traveling for National Geographic, weddings, senior pictures, family photos—lots of options, all sans cubicle.

8) Mechanic — Working on cars will certainly keep you out of an office chair. But don’t stop there. What about becoming an aviation mechanic or a marine mechanic?

9) Actor — Yes, it’s a real job, and it’s one that keeps you moving all day long. Be a regular in local community theater productions, hit Broadway, or showcase your skills in Hollywood.

10) Sales Associate — From auto parts to shoes, this job gets you out of the cubicle and interacting your workday away.