How to Discuss Salary

Internships can be paid or unpaid. If the internship is a paid position, usually the salary requirements are already defined. If you are asked about salary, redirect the interview to your accomplishments versus the money you require. You might say something similar to, "I appreciate your interest in knowing my salary needs; however, I want to make sure that I am indeed the best qualified candidate for this position. What do you need to know about my background to assess whether I am right for you?" If they say that they need to know salary requirements before continuing with the selection process, then provide a broad range.

It is a good sign when salary requirements are brought up at the end of the interview. This typically means you passed the interview and now they want to know if they can afford you. At this juncture, it is very appropriate to say, "I am very interested in the position. Is there a budgeted amount in mind for this internship?"

It is not appropriate, however, to take the initiative and ask about the salary being offered for the position. When the interviewer is ready to take your candidacy to the next level, they will indicate that it's time to discuss money.