What Healthcare Jobs Are Companies Actively Hiring for in Spring 2020?

Dana Guterman
Published: June 17, 2020

In this rapidly changing economic landscape, some jobs are in and some jobs are out. Healthcare is always a busy sector, but now more than ever, it’s experiencing particularly seismic shifts. If you’re looking for your next internship or job in healthcare, you might be wondering where to focus your efforts to maximize your chance of success.

We’ve compiled data from top healthcare-related industries to look at the most popular job titles in spring 2020. While things are changing every day, it’s useful to see where most companies are hiring now.

This is the second in a series of two articles. Today, we’re looking at top jobs in healthcare-related fields, including biotechnology, health and wellness, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals. You can read about top jobs for consulting, internet software and services, insurance, and financial services here. All data comes from the internships.com job feed.


Graph of top biotech job titles in April 2020

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With more and more companies turning to technology during the COVID-19 pandemic (hi, telehealth!), biotechnology companies are hiring for lots of medical science liaisons, which made up one out of five job postings in April 2020. So, what is a medical science liaison? MSLs typically come from academic backgrounds (and usually have PhDs) and are responsible for maintaining relationships with leading physicians to ensure products are used effectively. Given the speedy development of recent treatments and vaccines, it’s no wonder these roles are in-demand.

Health & wellness

Graph of top health & wellness job titles in April 2020

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At health and wellness companies, one in 10 posted jobs were for a registered nurse. With coronavirus overwhelming a lot of local systems, nurses are in particularly high demand—and they’ll likely continue to be. Other top jobs include certified nursing assistants and physicians, both roles that require official training and some years of experience.


Graph of top healthcare job titles in April 2020

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Just as in health and wellness companies, one in 10 healthcare job postings was for a registered nurse. Going forward, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects demand for registered nurses to grow by 12% over the next decade, which is must faster than average.


Graph of top pharmaceuticals job titles in April 2020

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While the most popular job title for pharmaceuticals companies was also registered nurse, it accounted for just 2.5% of pharmaceuticals job listings. What does that mean for you? There’s no single job title you should be applying to if you’re interested in getting a role in pharmaceuticals.