What Job Titles Are Companies Actively Hiring for in Spring 2020?

Dana Guterman
Published: June 1, 2020

Stating that this is a challenging job market would be an understatement. The hiring landscape has changed so rapidly in the past three months that it can feel impossible to know what to do next.

If you’re looking for your next internship or job, you might be wondering where to focus your efforts to maximize your chance of success. To that end, we’ve compiled data from a number of popular industries to look at the most popular job titles in April 2020. While trends may shift tomorrow, it’s useful to see where most companies are hiring right now.

This is the first in a series of two articles. Today, we’ll look at top jobs for consulting, internet software and services, insurance, and financial services. All data comes from the internships.com job feed.


Consulting jobs

Graph of top consulting job titles in April 2020

Chegg data model

Consulting companies are still hiring for a variety of roles, even during these unusual times. While the most popular job title is project manager, it accounts for less than 2% of consulting job listings. What does that mean for you? There’s no single job title you should be applying to if you’re interested in getting a consulting role.


Internet software and services jobs

Graph of top internet software and services job titles in April 2020
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In a typical month, we’d probably expect internet software and services companies to be hiring for the usual software engineers and developers. In April 2020, that was decidedly not the case. Instead, almost one out of every five job listings were for a fulfillment associate or warehouse associate—likely because people have been ordering online like crazy due to COVID-19.


Insurance jobs

Graph of top insurance job titles in April 2020
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In April, one in 10 posted jobs from insurance companies was an insurance agent, with sales representative running a close second. There were few openings for managerial roles, such as business development manager or agency manager. Given that sales representative and insurance agent are often entry-level roles, this bodes well for new hires.


Financial services jobs

Graph of top financial job titles in April 2020
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If you’re looking at financial services jobs, you’ll likely see a lot of listings for insurance and business analyst roles. Given the shifting financial landscape, analytical roles are particularly import