Searching for Remote Internships

Dana Guterman
Updated: April 30, 2020

Things have changed rapidly over the past few weeks, and that includes summer internship plans. Across the country and across the world, we’re on lock-down because of COVID-19, and many businesses have shut their doors—at least temporarily. Here at Chegg Internships, we want to help you make the most of your summer, and that means helping you get a great internship, no matter what. If you’re suddenly shifting gears to find a remote internship in the months ahead, start here.


Search remote internships

Did you know that we have an entire section of Chegg Internships devoted solely to remote internships? It’s true!

To browse thousands of remote internships, start at

We add new internships every single day, and as more companies go remote, more internships will, too. To up your odds of success, do the following:

  • Apply early and often. The first few days of an internship posting matter the most.
  • Make sure your resume is strong. Remote internships are competitive right now, and a great resume will help you stand out.
  • Keep your LinkedIn profile up to date.
  • Flex and highlight your virtual skills. Working remotely is a challenge for many, so put employers at ease by highlighting your communication and time management skills. At the same time, brush up on your knowledge of virtual collaborative platforms. Depending on your industry, these might include Slack, WebEx, Trello, GitHub, and/or Zoom.

In addition, you can search for remote internships within specific categories. To do so, simply go to the “Internships by Category” page.

Then, click on the sector that interests you, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click “See more internships.”

Screenshot for applying to remote internships on Chegg Internships

On the left side of the page, under “Location,” simply check the box next to “Include remote positions.”

Additionally, you can find some remote internships on any of the other job sites you use. Just type “remote” into the location search field.


Broaden your search

You’ve been searching and searching for a remote biology internship, but so far, no dice. Here’s the thing: Remote internships lend themselves to some industries better than others. Depending on your major, you may need to adjust your expectations a bit. For computer science, social media, business, nonprofit, marketing, graphic design, and writing students, remote internships come naturally. For aspiring scientists, teachers, engineers, event planners, culinary and hospitality professionals, and physical therapists—not so much.

This is where transferable skills come into play. If you can’t get a remote internship in your ideal industry, that’s okay. You can still get valuable internship experience this summer. Consider both how your skills translate to other industries and how other industries will allow you to get the experience you want.

For example, if you want a biology internship, you need to be able to:

  • Gather and analyze data.
  • Operate lab equipment to conduct research.
  • Draft reports to share results.

Through an internship, you want to:

  • Improve your research skills.
  • Publish or share your results.
  • Build your data-analysis skills.

Now, consider other fields that share these key areas but might be more remote-friendly. Research, data, writing … maybe a research assistant for a professor (you can conduct your research online)? Maybe a data scientist role (you can use your modeling skills once you’re back in the lab)? There are lots of possibilities if you think creatively.


Don’t be afraid to ask

Given how rapidly everything is changing, some companies haven’t had a chance to adapt. Rather than completely writing off an internship that’s not listed as “remote,” try reaching out. Go through the internship posting sentence by sentence and consider whether you could do some of the internship remotely. Then, make a plan. If you can find a contact on their website, pitch it to the company. If not, apply, and hope that they’ll be flexible. At the worst, they say no. At best, you’ve made your own opportunity.


Stay motivated

These are strange and difficult times, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. As you search for a remote internship, remember to stay positive, apply to many opportunities, and don’t give up! Be sure to get exercise, spend time with friends and family (even if that time is virtual), and be kind to yourself.


Working from home: Tips and tricks

Getting a remote internship is the first step; then, you need to succeed as a remote intern. Once you land an internship, you can read our complete guide to working smart when you work from home. For now, here are a few top tips and tricks to get you ready for your remote internship.

  • Stick to a regular schedule every day and keep your calendar up to date.
  • Schedule frequent check-ins with your supervisor and colleagues.
  • Create a separate workspace; it helps you focus and strike a better work-life balance!
  • Don’t wear your PJs to work, no matter how much you want to.
  • Plan for some social time with colleagues to make things feel like a regular office. Maybe a virtual lunch every Tuesday and Thursday or a 10-minute coffee break every afternoon?
  • Pick up the phone when needed. Communicating over text or chat can be tricky.