Interns Tell All: Our Top Advice to Get an Internship

Updated: September 2, 2020

This summer, Chegg hosted 31 interns across eight departments. As another internship season draws to a close, Rachael Murdock, our content development intern, asked them to reflect on their remote internships and share their takeaways.

“Hearing about people’s internship experiences is crucial to the success of students attempting to enter the work world,” explains Rachael. “As a student, there are many skills that we do not learn in school that are necessary for any job. For example, email/workplace etiquette, negotiation skills, and networking are all really important as you advance in your career, but these were all things that I had to learn for myself from different internship experiences. I hope that by hearing from Chegg interns, people will have more insight into the skills that will help them accomplish their career goals.”

First, Rachael asked our interns, “What advice do you have for anyone hoping to score an internship at their dream company?” Here are their top tips.


“Talk to everyone and anyone you can. Make connections. Do your own research. Work on your resume. Say yes to every meeting and opportunity that presents itself.”

– Alexis S., UX Research Intern


Photo of Chegg Intern Cameron P.

Cameron P., Chegg Intern

“Start looking and applying for internships earlier than you think you need to (and apply to a large number!). Make sure that your resume, cover letter, and anything else you submit are polished to help you stand out. Applying for an internship is not the time to be overly humble—make sure your interviewers know how great and qualified you are.”

– Cameron P., Corporate Strategy Intern


“Know the company’s values, how it presents itself, the products, and what the company does. Also, be true to yourself and don’t self-deprecate (I definitely have a problem with underselling myself at times)!”

– Devon H., Learning & Development Intern


“Put thought into what intern role you want to take on because it’ll dictate what you will learn and get to experience significantly … I would also prepare for your interview by having a mock interview in order to find out what you need to work on and what to expect. Interviews tend to be the best way to present yourself as a promising candidate.”

– Donald T., Business Analyst Intern


“My advice would be to make sure your cover letter and interview highlight all of your strengths! Oftentimes, it might feel weird to talk about the things that you’re good at because it might feel like ‘bragging,’ but try to shift your mindset. Devote some time to reflecting on what you’re confident about and know you can bring to a company/role.”

– Kelsey W., UX Research Intern


Chegg Intern Kalea M.

Kalea M., Chegg Intern

“Know your ‘why.’ There are a lot of positions out there with a lot of applicants, but being able to articulate not only why you want the internship but also why you are qualified for it will serve you well. For example, Chegg is a very mission-driven company, so identifying why you care about that mission is important.”

– Kalea M., Data Science Intern


“Be yourself! In interviews, I think that people can over-prepare and sound rehearsed. The recruiter wants to get to know you and how you could be a great addition to the company, so don’t forget to bring your authentic self to the table.”

– Rachael M., Content Development Intern


“Learn and be passionate about the company mission. Demonstrate that you’re interested in not only adding a role to your resume, but really getting to know the industry and making an impact on the company.“

– Rima S., Business Analyst Intern


“My biggest piece of advice would be to do research on the company and its culture. If you know a lot about the company and fall in love with it, that authentic interest will show in an interview. That, along with preparation and being qualified for a role, are very important.”

– Ben V., Marketing Consumer Insights Intern

Chegg Intern Frances C.

Frances C., Chegg Intern

“Read every single detail about the role you’re applying to. During the interview, ask good questions and be willing to learn more about the company and role. Always thank your hiring manager and recruiter for taking time out of their busy schedules to speak with you!”

– Frances C., Public Relations Intern


“Keep searching and applying online, be patient, and keep records of all the jobs you apply for on an Excel sheet. Reach out to people and do as many informational interviews as you can in companies and fields you are interested in. “

– Rouge Y., Content/Partnerships Marketing Intern


Do not let your past define you! If you want to grow and learn, that is exactly what internship experience will allow you to do. Just apply; the worst that can happen is you learn more about what you can improve upon for the future.”

Sydney S., Human Resources Intern