Choose Your Own Adventure: Intern-to-Hire Edition

Updated: September 21, 2020

This is it: your dream job. I mean, sure, it’s not quite professional video game player or ice cream flavor tester, but you can feel it in your gut. The question is, how do you actually get hired?

You already know that getting an internship at a company serves as the gateway to a full-time job there. In fact, in 2018, 59 percent of interns were offered a full-time position with their employer and 77.3 percent accepted an offer, for a conversion rate of 45.6 percent (as per NACE’s 2018 Internship and Co-op Survey Report). But getting a certain internship can also open doors at a slew of other companies. We crunched the numbers for nearly 200 companies known for their internship programs, so that we can point you towards the ideal internship to land your ideal job.

Below, we’ve created some snazzy visualizations to show you where that internship is most likely to lead. The internship is at the center of each figure, with the four most-popular post-internship employers surrounding it, ranked. One stipulation: your most likely employer is typically your current employer, which is why most interns choose to stay on at the company where they originally interned. If you’re interested in other options, however, read on.



Diagram showing where Amazon interns tend to get hired full-time, if not at Amazon (Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Facebook).

Chegg model

In 2017, Amazon hired around 2,000 interns for its Seattle campus, where it employs over 25,000 workers. Amazonians-in-training that decide to move on from the world’s largest e-commerce marketplace head to Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Diagram showing where Caterpillar interns tend to get hired full-time, if not at Caterpillar (John Deere, Deloitte, PwC, Boeing)).

For those without Caterpillar’s yellow blood running through their veins, popular employers include John Deere, Deloitte, PwC, and Boeing.

Marriott International

Diagram showing where Marriott International interns tend to get hired full-time, if not at Marriott (Ritz Carlton, Aramark, Walt Disney Company, Hilton).

A Marriott International internship can open doors to other renowned hospitality companies, like Ritz-Carlton and Hilton, as well as Aramark and Walt Disney Company.


Diagram showing where Nordstrom interns tend to get hired full-time, if not at Nordstrom (Target, Amazon, Macy's, Zulily).

Nordstrom interns up their department store knowledge and fashion savvy, and that can lead to full-time roles at Target, Amazon, Macy’s, and Zulily—all competing retail giants.

Quicken Loans

Diagram showing where Quicken Loans interns tend to get hired full-time, if not at Quicken Loans (Ford Motor Company, EY, Amrock General Motors).

An internship at mortgage lending company Quicken Loans can lead to a diverse array of job opportunities in the automotive industry (Ford Motor Company and General Motors), at a Big Four accounting firm (EY), or in insurance (Amrock).

US Department of Veteran Affairs

Diagram showing where US Department of Veteran Affairs interns tend to get hired full-time, if not at the US Dept of Veteran Affairs (Kaiser Permanente, CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens, US Army).

The US Department of Veteran Affairs has an exceptionally high intern-to-hire conversion rate, but internships there can also lead to Kaiser Permanente, CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens, and the US Army.

And if you’re interning (or considering interning) elsewhere and curious about likely possibilities at a company not shown above, drop us a line at!