Giveaway: We’ve Built You This Free Internship Tracker

(A.k.a. less time, more applications FTW!)

Published: April 2019

Aside from a laser focus on dashing out applications on the double (check out today’s opportunities here!), what is the best thing you can do - right now - to help catalyze a rewarding summer internship for yourself?

Stay organized.

Yep, taking those extra five minutes after you spot/apply/follow-up on an internship will totally pay off a few weeks from now, when you’re drowning in resumes and rooting around in your browser history to prep for the next phone interview coming your way.

To get your system up and running because, you know, you have no time to lose, we’ve put together this simple tracker that’ll tell you:

  1. When and where you came across an opportunity
  2. What priority you assigned to that opportunity, based on how closely it dovetails with your interests. We’ve assigned numerical values, but you could just go with ‘High’, ‘Low’, or ‘Medium’ priority
  3. Whether or not you need to include a cover letter with the application
  4. When the application is due (try your best not to make “ASAP” your default here!)
  5. Whether or not you applied to it, and when
  6. Which version of your resume/cover letter you used to apply
  7. Whether or not you heard back from them
  8. Any action(s) you still need to take: apply, send follow-up email, prep for interview, reach out to Employee X on LinkedIn…
  9. Final status: opportunity still open/closed

But why are you still reading?

Download the internship tracker

(Once you open the link, click File > Download as to save a copy).

The goal is to have a system in place to prioritize which internships you apply to, and to make sure those applications hit the employers’ inboxes in time.

And if you’re a ninja-level organizer, you might like to color-code your updates or sort and filter everything by application deadlines. Some people even expand the tracker to include what skills/experiences they’d like to highlight with each application…in short, the possibilities are endless. So go on, make it your own!