It Takes Two (or More)

Updated: October 26, 2019

In high school, you did everything necessary to get into the college of your choice: playing a sport, joining the clubs, and taking those AP courses. Now that you’re in college, it’s time to check the boxes for that next life step: getting a job after graduation. You’ve got the GPA, you’ve done the extracurriculars, and you did that all-important internship last fall. Check, check, and check.

But in a competitive job market, it’s crucial to get as much real-world experience as possible—to really know what’s out there and to stand out from the crowd. So, you might be wondering: how many internships do people actually do? We looked at millions of resumes to answer that exact question.

Pie chart showing that half of interns do more than one internship

Chegg data model

Among those who do an internship, just over half do more than one. Of those go-getters, 27 percent do two internships and 13 percent do three. And, an astoundingly ambitious (possibly non-sleeping) two percent of interns complete six or more internships! So, if you’re considering your postgraduate to-do list officially completed, consider perusing some openings and adding another item … or five.