No Summer Internship Yet? These 4 Videos Have You Covered!

Published: April 2019

The right job after graduation is the holy grail of college education. You cram all year long to get those grades, so that once you graduate, you can get that dream job.

It’s no secret that in order to get there, you’ll need to nail that internship. Having an internship can make a huge difference and affects the course of your career, from jobs opportunities to salaries.

The great news is that you have the power to impact your career success by focusing on getting that internship.

So now that we established how important it is to get an internship and you’re all pumped to find one …you may be wondering if it is too late in the year for that.

We’re glad to say the answer is No! At most companies, summer internships start at around May but surprisingly a similar number of internships start in June and July combined. In fact, the season for internships which includes the summer and fall internships, doesn't subside until October. So, all hope is definitely not lost!

To help you out in the process, here are some awesome videos to help you get your groove on and be prepared to grab the internship bull by its horns.

Be Creative

Lauren Berger, Intern Queen

Video length: 4:15

The Intern Queen, Lauren Berger, offers pointers for students who want to get started on the internship track. Berger did 15 internships while in college and now shares best practices from her own experience. In this short video, she outlines seven ways for you to get an internship and it doesn’t always mean just sending online applications into a black hole.

Always have a plan B

Evan Carmichael

Video length: 6:20

Evan is on a mission to solve the world's biggest problem: untapped human potential. He strongly believes there is more than one way and there is more than one option to get an internship. Take a look at how he replies to students that did not manage to get the internship they desired.

Be realistic (and agile)

Matt Tran

Video length: 24:42

Matt Tran, on his Engineered Truth YouTube channel, focuses on creating videos that help viewers achieve their full potential. In this video, Matt provides an internships A-Z guide. From how to write a resume to how best utilize career fairs.

Timing is key

Katherine Berry "Katherout"

Video length: 9:24

In her channel, Katherine shares pieces of advice about college and lifestyle. In this video, she answers questions from her followers about internships and what nobody tells you about applying for internships.

We hope these videos gave you some great ideas to make you feel more prepared to go out there. Don’t worry. You’ve got this!

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