Software Developer Resume Samples

Updated: September 9, 2020

The average job receives hundreds of resumes for a single opening—so it’s up to you to grab the reader’s attention from the start! Review our software developer and software engineer resume samples below for suggested phrasing, structure, and content when you apply to an internship or entry-level job. Remember that the examples below are meant as guides only. Your resume needs to reflect your value-add for the specific role to which you’re applying. Use a format that speaks to you, and include your unique academic and professional achievements.



Software Developer Internship Resume Sample




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Barton College | Helena, MT (Expected May 2020)
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science | Minor, Computer Forensics
Relevant courses in software development methods, programming languages, network systems, and embedded system design.


C++ Object-oriented programming Adobe Photoshop
Java SQL Network security
Webpage development Python Front-end programming


Intern, Premier Communications & Coaching
Remote (January 2019–June 2019)

  • Developed software and databases for healthcare and education clients that provide a secure, remote method for accessing client and student records.
  • Instituted new coding verification protocols (May 2019), which led to a 12% reduction in reported coding errors.
  • Provided coding support for project managers, including coding in CC++, C#, Java, and Python.

Help Desk Associate, Barton College
Helena, MT (January 2017–December 2019)

  • Installed software upgrades to campus computers for students, staff, and faculty.
  • Provided computer, database, and network support for campus community.


  • PyCon (March 2019)
    Attended annual gathering for Python community.
  • Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE8 Developer
  • Association for Women in Computing, Member
    Participate in Tech Talks and conferences to expand industry knowledge and network with seasoned professionals.





Entry-Level Software Engineer Resume



Nancy Smith
123 Home Street | Buffalo, NY 14222
555.555.5555 |

Upbeat and determined recent computer science graduate seeks to solve your software problems through developing, testing, and debugging your program applications and software.

Erie College | Horseheads, NY (May 2019)
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science


N-Tier System Design C#, C++, HTML Java, JavaScript Object-Oriented Programming
Visual FoxPro 9.0 LAN/WAN/VPN SQL, Python UNIX
Web Page Development Networking TCP/IP Modem & Router Repair


Trillium Programming | New York, NY (January 2020–Present)
Software Engineer

  • Utilize C# and Java for website development for financial institutions.
  • Perform code reviews to ensure contract specifications and quality control; efforts have led to 27% reduction in reported software issues.
  • Collaborate with clients and programming teams to develop, implement, and maintain web services for online banking institutions.

Warden Communications | Byron, NY (March 2019–January 2020)
Software Engineer

  • Collaborated with clients in healthcare and education fields to develop software and databases that provide a secure, remote method for accessing client and student records.
  • Developed software to routinely scan company network for security lapses and firewall breaches; software identified multiple breaches, which has since led to 75% reduction in widespread infection of network computers by viruses.

Leland Communications, Inc. | Troy, NY (January 2017–May 2017)

  • Provided support for contract teams in database construction and implementation.
  • Utilized programming languages including C++, C#, and Java.
  • Completed repairs to computer hardware, including hard drives, monitors, portable drives, flash drives, and CD/DVD Rom drives.