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Jane Smith


2014                                Buffalo College of Law                                  Buffalo, NY

Associate’s, Paralegal Studies


  • Proficiency in securing evidence for litigation including digital records, phone logs, employment files and business contracts.
  • An aptitude for quickly identifying relevant state and federal court decisions relevant to cases.
  • Expertise in prepping legal team for arguments and case histories of potential use by opposing counsel.
  • Adept in use of Excel and the use of multiple legal coding/billing software.


2011-Present                            Burns Law Firm                                    Buffalo, NY

Senior Legal Researcher, Business Litigation Unit

  • Coordinated research of legal histories and precedence in areas Contract, Insurance and Trademark Law.
  • Developed Excel-based database for compilation of trial histories to provide quicker access to future researchers of past legal proceedings.
  • Served as liaison for partners to obtain and submit legal documents and offers from opposing counsel.

2010-2011                                 Burns Law Firm                                   Buffalo, NY

Senior Legal Researcher, Business Litigation Unit

  • Coordinated evidence cataloging and completed court requests for evidence and depositions.
  • Assisted in research of historical proceedings to aid in providing precedence to support legal teams’ court actions.
  • Developed Excel-based database to store digitized copies of updated versions of legal, billing and research departments’ forms.


America Bar Association

Western New York Bar Association                         

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