What does a cartoonist do?

Cartoonists draw pictures that tell a story. A Cartoonist’s work is primarily used for entertainment purposes and traditionally associated with humor, but the Sunday comic strips are not the only outlet for a Cartoonist’s talents. Cartoons are also used to expound political gripes, tell stories, and generally presents ideas by pairing visual and written commentary.

In this position you have a range of genres and media at your disposal. You can choose to create a single panel cartoon, a hundred page graphic novel, or a Sunday morning TV show. And although traditionally cartooning has been done by hand, a trend towards using digital media is growing ever larger.

For working in somewhat of a humorous profession, this job can be rather lonely and difficult. It’s as if someone tells you “sit down and think of jokes!” which really is anything but easy. So be prepared for mental blocks, and the hard work required to get pass them. Your crutches will be your characters: Lean on them to make you laugh, and help you through the difficult times.

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