World famous architecture, a popular water feature and multicultural elements are just a few of the reasons Chicago is a desirable place to complete your internship. Today, the city represents the nation’s principles, which include hard work, the importance of community and integrity. Top employers like Kraft, Orbitz and Sears as well as Abbott Laboratories and Wrigley have jobsites in Chicago. Groupon started up in Chicago and global companies like United Airlines and Walgreens have major operations in the city. 

Chicago is a great place to work as an intern. However, the city’s rent prices are high and may be tough to afford. If you intend to live in the city, consider sharing an apartment with a roommate or two. Keep in mind that it may be more affordable to live outside Chicago in one of the outlying suburbs. 

Once you begin your internship, you’ll appreciate the diverseness and vastness of Chicago’s nightlife as you’ll have the chance to find the perfect place to unwind with friends. Dance all night in one of the city’s many clubs or enjoy a cocktail and intimate conversations. 

If you decide to become an intern in Chicago, you’ll be living in a vibrant city that has numerous employment opportunities. Furthermore, you’ll have access to all the city has to offer. This includes amazing food, exciting touring sites and plenty of shopping.

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