Named to differentiate non-military engineering from military engineering, civil engineering is the earliest branch of engineering after military engineering and broadest of all the other engineering fields. Civil engineers shape the infrastructures of the world. It includes building and maintaining homes, community centers, factories, industrial complexes, offices, museums, water works, sewage systems and dams, power plants , transmission towers and lines, railroads, highways, bridges , tunnels, canals, river navigation, shipping canals, traffic controls, and more.

In this field, the real learning happens when the students can learn on the job, and internships are an ideal way to accomplish this goal. Civil engineering internships ensure that interns get to learn the basics by doing and can assist senior engineers on real projects. Practical experience gained during your internship can be as important as your grades in engineering courses, but with the hands-on training, you can learn how to apply class-taught skills to your surrounding environment.

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