Sample Internship Descriptions

Are you ready to start your internship program, but uncertain how to write an effective intern job description? Learn the basics and view high-quality sample intern job descriptions here. These are meant to provide you with ideas for your internship listings. You are welcome to post any type of internship on this website; these are just a few examples to get you started.

What information should an intern job description include?

A typical intern job description should mention:
  • Location
  • A brief description of your company
  • Intern duties and responsibilities
  • Requirements and qualifications
  • Benefits of the internship (e.g. compensation, if applicable)
  • Schedule and duration
  • Any additional information about application procedures

Step-by-Step Guide to Writing an Effective Intern Job Description

Identify the Internship's Purpose

Start by identifying why you need an intern and what tasks they'll be expected to perform. This will help shape the rest of the job description.

Write a Catchy Job Title

Choose a job title that accurately reflects the role. Make sure it's clear and straightforward, so potential applicants understand what kind of internship it is.

Describe Your Company

Provide a brief description of your company, including your mission, culture, and what sets you apart from others. This helps potential interns determine if your company aligns with their career goals.

List Intern Duties and Responsibilities

Clearly outline the tasks and projects the intern will be working on. Be specific to give candidates a clear understanding of their role.

Specify Requirements and Qualifications

List the necessary skills, experiences, and educational background you're looking for in an intern. This can include technical skills, soft skills like communication or teamwork, and relevant coursework or degrees.

Highlight the Benefits

Describe the benefits of the internship, such as learning opportunities, potential for full-time employment, mentorship, networking opportunities, and compensation if applicable.

Detail the Schedule and Duration 

Include information about the expected working hours and the length of the internship. If these details are flexible, make sure to mention that as well.

Explain Application Procedures

Provide clear instructions on how to apply, including any necessary documents or information they should provide, like a resume, cover letter, or portfolio.

Review and Edit

Once you've written the job description, review it to make sure it's clear, concise, and free of errors. You might also want to get a second opinion from a colleague.

Post and Monitor

After you've posted the job description, monitor the applications you receive. You might need to make adjustments to your description based on the feedback or the types of applications you receive. Remember that you want to “sell” prospective interns on the position. Use positive, exciting language and emphasize the benefits your company has to offer. Now that you know the basics, click through the sample intern job descriptions below. Use these samples as templates, then customize them to fit your company and the internship position you’re offering.
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