Run an Intern Program

Run an Intern Program

Staff Structure: Identify Employees Key to Intern Programs

What are the key roles involved in running an internship program?

Types of Intern Tasks

What kind of work can interns do?

Internships vs Part-Time Work

What is the difference between an internship and a part-time job or volunteer work?

Developing Evaluation Standards for Your Intern Program

Learn about written performance evaluations.

Intern to New Hire: Benefits of Hiring From Within

Hiring an intern already engaged in your company offers many benefits. Avoid the expense of the recruitment/hiring period and make the decision to convert an intern to a new hire.

Solutions to Employers’ Top Intern Time Issues

How do you manage interns who are also busy with schoolwork, athletics, or other obligations?

How to Help Interns Fit In: 6 Tips for Making Interns Part of the Team

How to get the best from your interns by ensuring that they fit in and feel like they’re part of the team.

Is It Okay to Give Interns “Grunt Work” and Other More Menial Tasks?

Internships should provide a valuable learning experience not just busy work.