The Best Ways to Find Interns

We’ve made finding and managing the internship recruitment process simple.  In fact, you’re just three steps away from starting an internship program. 

Step 1: Create the internship

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    Complete all the fields for the best experience on Chegg Internships.

  • Post an internship
    1. Start by using one of our sample internship descriptions. Be sure to customize it for your company needs.
    2. Fill in as much information as you can; it helps the right students find you. Please use a descriptive title on your internship. That means you’ll get the right kind of applicants.
    3. Need help? Go to our Help Center to search our knowledge base or to contact us.

Step 2: Review applications

  • When students apply to your internship, you'll get an email message to view their resume application. Just log in to the site to view all your applicants in one place.

Step 3: Manage applicants & search intern resumes

  • Use the Manage Applicants feature of your account to classify each application, sort, and search through applicants quickly and easily. It’s much easier than a bunch of emails with attachments!
  • Update or edit your listings from the Manage Internships part of your account. You can also close internships once you have filled them.
  • Duplicate listings to create your internship posting for the next semester.