The Basics

Internship Duration & Seasons

When mapping their educational paths, many students wonder: What is the duration of an internship? Like most issues in the internship arena, there is more than one answer.

That being said, about 10 weeks to three months—or the duration of one semester or quarter—is a common internship length. However, the answer to "How long is an internship?" can also be dictated by the duration of a school break; for instance, summer internships and winter internships are common, and take place over the course of a summer or winter vacation.

Keep in mind that you can hire interns at any time of year. Typical seasons set by the school year include summer, fall, winter, spring, but you can hire for longer time periods.

When you post your internship on, specify the start date of the internship (you can choose a date and make it flexible or not). In your internship description specify the dates or length of the internship if you need something outside the typical seasons.

Typical Seasons

  • Fall internships typically start in September
  • Winter internships typically start in November or December
  • Spring internships typically start in January or February
  • Summer internships typically start in May or June

Furthermore, while an internship is traditionally a one-time experience, it is not completely uncommon for a student to take part in more than one internship at the same company. In this case, the internships may be during back-to-back semesters or even over the course of consecutive summers. It is also possible that a student might complete an internship only to be rehired during a later semester or quarter.

The bottom line is that the length of an internship can really be anything that is agreeable to both the student and the setting.