The Industry

Are you looking for environmental internships or entry-level environmental jobs? Both the government and non-profit organizations play leading roles in conservation, policy, management, and advocacy about the environment. But private industry has perhaps the strongest impact on the environment and the most room to make positive environmental changes. Businesspeople with a passion for the environment across all industries can advocate for company policies that reduce ecological impact.

The Internship

An environmental internship can be the perfect solution for you to gain experience while benefiting the earth! Are you interested in preparing yourself for one of the many environmental jobs that are being created every day?

Education and skills requirements for summer environmental internships vary by specific career choice. For example, if you’d like to be an environmental scientist or specialist, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in natural science or a science-related field such as biology. You could work for an engineering firm and help collect, analyze, and report on environmental data. In this case, you would need strong data analysis, technical writing, and computer modeling skills along with knowledge of Geographic Information Systems.

You can narrow down the available environmental internships or jobs by searching for specific locations, keywords, and other program details. Be sure to check out the internship listings and the company directory of green companies and organizations on this site. With a little research and some forward thinking, you can find the perfect environmental internship program and give the planet a little love while you learn.

The Career Options

Whatever your career interest, there’s likely a way to incorporate eco-friendly work. Lawyers, engineers, educators, politicians, and scientists all play a part in protecting our earth’s air, water, wildlife, marine life, and energy resources. Scientists in many fields are involved in environmental protection such as environmental scientists, agricultural scientists, air quality scientists, and aquatic scientists.

The Outlook

Job prospects and growth in environmental jobs varies by industry. For example, the number of conservation scientist and forester jobs is expected to grow 7% over the next decade, which is as fast as average, while the number of environmental scientist and specialist jobs is expected to grow 11% over the next decade.

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