Fresno has a great location in central California, conveniently located between Los Angeles and Sacramento. It has excellent weather and is the economic hub of the San Joaquin Valley. Fresno boasts a number of career colleges as well as public and private universities, including California State University (Fresno State). While the cost of living in Fresno is higher than other regions of the country, it is lower than most of California, making it a good location for college students and interns.

Fresno is known as an agricultural and banking/financial hub for central California, with some light manufacturing. The city core is being renovated, much of the city being more functional than interesting. Fresno State offers typical college-town entertainment opportunities such as sports and arts. 

Some of the major employers in Fresno include Aetna (insurance), Cargill (meat packers), Foster Farms (poultry farms), and Pelco-Schneider Electric (security equipment manufacturing). Besides the rich agricultural economy surrounding the area, Fresno also offers many opportunities in healthcare and criminal justice. 

Whether you're looking for internships in healthcare, agriculture, finance, or criminal justice, Fresno is a good place to start your career!

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