Why graphic design?

Graphic design internships in San Francisco, CA provide you with an opportunity to work in a variety of different industries.

To be a graphic designer, you’ll need a professional portfolio that demonstrates your creativity and originality. An internship will provide you with a great opportunity for learning skills such as concept development, prototype construction, and serial production. In a summer graphic design internship, you may assist experienced designers and work on independent projects.

The required skills for landing a graphic design internship in San Francisco include sketching abilities, knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud applications, and strong communication skills.

Summer internships at companies such as Gap Inc. or Fitbit will expose you to vector art image editing, 3D software, and/or data visualization, all of which would allow you to build important graphic design skills. Graphic designers are in demand and an internship will help ensure a good job placement in the future!

What can you expect as a summer graphic design intern in San Francisco and beyond?

San Francisco is an iconic city, counting among its treasures the Golden Gate Bridge, Chinatown, cable cars, and Lombard Street, the most crooked street in the world. While it enjoys its status as a historic tourist town, San Francisco has much more to offer than beauty and history.

Known for cool summers and eclectic architecture, San Francisco is a great location for a summer internship.

More important, SF is a thriving business hub, home to many prominent computer, financial services, and publishing companies. Some of the major companies in San Francisco include Charles Schwab, Wells Fargo, Twitter, McSweeney’s, Wired, Instagram, and SalesForce.com. Due to the number and size of these companies, internship opportunities abound.

A summer internship with one of San Francisco's prestigious companies offers invaluable experience and looks impressive on your resume. At the same time that you’re learning from some of the best in your industry, you’ll enjoy all of the history, natural beauty, and culture that city has to offer.

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