An internship is an essential step to launching your career. Some people look for an internship based on their major, or a particular industry category, to gain relevant career experience. Finding an internship in your major can help you to find future career opportunities in that field by learning about the industry from experienced coworkers and deciding whether that career is the right choice for you. Internship programs are recognized and promoted by many colleges to help their students gain first-hand industry knowledge and, sometimes, course credit towards their selected majors. An internship provides a great opportunity to determine if an industry, such as finance, marketing, journalism, engineering, medicine or computer science, is a good fit for you.

Compensation for internships can vary from industry to industry. Unpaid internship opportunities are most often well suited to college students who can work for school credit and professionals looking for a career change. The most highly desired unpaid internships are the ones that have potential job offers waiting at the end of the internship program for top performing interns. Paid internships can offer the best of both worlds by offering pay, valuable hands-on training experience, and sometimes even school credit. An internship opportunity can be challenging at times, but having the opportunity to begin to learn about the industry from the ground up is an invaluable experience for students.

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