The Industry

Are you looking for MBA internships or an internship while in business school? MBA students typically have at least a year or more of work experience after getting an undergraduate degree in business administration, marketing, or related fields. So unless you’re planning on using your MBA to help change careers, your new degree should help you fast track your career to the next level.

The Internship

If like many students, you’re still trying to find the perfect career fit, an MBA internship in an area like consulting, investment banking, or venture capital is a fantastic way to expose you to a variety of companies and industries. Through a summer MBA internship, you’ll develop a versatile set of skills that you can apply to nearly every industry.

Because MBA students usually have prior work experience. You’re in an ideal position to apply your new knowledge in a professional environment, whether it be management information systems, logistics, or finance. And it’s very important to use the opportunity during your internship to build your professional network to help land your dream job after graduation.

The Career Options

Employers see b-school students as a valuable resource that can make a positive impact on the company in a short period of time. Your employer might even help finance your part-time or executive MBA education. The degree can help you earn wages that are nearly 90% higher than what workers earn with a bachelor’s degree alone. You can also expand your career options by coupling your MBA with a specialization such as finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, Information Systems, or operations.

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