"How did you spend your summer break?” You know you’ll be asked this question a bazillion times when you start school in the fall. Now, imagine your friends’ faces if this was your response: “I competed in some hackathons in Silicon Valley, got to meet with Facebook leaders each week, and saved some money for college.”

As more and more employers see the value of having educated, professional students interning for them, they’re offering some pretty enticing benefits to interns. Paid internships offer a variety of benefits such as college credit, competitive pay, stipends, or even give traditional full-time employee benefits like overtime pay or paid time off.

At internships.com, we’re all about connecting you with these types of amazing internship opportunities so you can have your best summer yet—developing new skills, building your resume, meeting important people, earning money, and ultimately, getting you a few steps closer to building a rewarding career.

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