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Kiss The Ground
Posted: June 09 2014
Company Location: Venice, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 5 Part-time, Unpaid (College Credit Required)

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Non-profit Organization: Kiss The Ground (KTG)


Address: 628 Flower Ave.
Venice CA 90291

Mission: We are a non-profit that exists to share The Soil Story, and to promote and implement the rebuilding of soils to improve human and planetary health.

Why We Care: Conventional Agriculture vs. REGENERATIVE AGRICULTURE

The #1 Cause of CO2 to the atmosphere is also the #1 solution for reducing carbon from the atmosphere.
Conventional agricultural practices have moved 50-70 percent of carbon once stored in the soil into the atmosphere. This amounts to 65% of all CO2 added to the atmosphere by humans.
Rebuilding soils, using regenerative agricultural practices, like composting and inoculation of micro organisms, brings carbon from the atmosphere back into the soil.
The #1 Reason soil water holding capacity is down 75% is also the #1 Solution for increasing soil’s water holding capacity.
Conventional agriculture has decreased the water holding capacity of the top soil by 75. That means far more water is wasted, farmers loose money, polluted water ways, and lack of water available for plants during droughts.
Rebuilding soils by adding compost (organic mater) increases the water holding capacity of soil. Reducing water needs by 30-75 percent. Adding 1% organic matter allows an acre of land to hold 17,500 more gallons of water.

What We Do:

KTG focuses on 3 vehicles for change:

Education through Media
Implementation through Policy
Demonstration of Regenerative Agriculture

KTG Policy Department collaborates with city and state officials to facilitate effective policy guidelines. We are creating coalitions with NPO’s and city council to actualize Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s goal to establish California as the national leader in Zero Waste.


Assist our Policy Leaders in creating new policies for efficient city and state composting systems.

Policy Department Supervisors:
Co-Founder/Secretary/Board Member &Policy Chair
Finian Makepeace is a recording artist and lifelong activist. His passion for how people can shape the world lead him to study political science at UCLA. Finian strives to make the world a more peaceful and harmonious place for humans and all of nature. Finian resides in Venice, loves to make music, build gardens, and bring people together for common causes.

Public Policy Director 
Erin McMorrow is an urban sustainability consultant specializing in high-level analysis and systems thinking to solve complex problems with creative solutions. She holds a PhD from the University of Southern California in Urban Planning.  A writer, researcher and urban planning innovator, Erin believes in the power of collaboration between diverse minds and interdisciplinary cross-sectoral perspectives. Erin currently resides in Venice,  has a passion for travel, yoga and surfing. Find her at and on twitter: @erinmcmorrow.


Internship Program Goals

The purpose of the internship program is to:
• augment students’ academic preparation with professional application
• bring high standards of technical expertise, critical insight and political sensitivity to the analysis of policy problems and their social contexts
• analyze the implications of competing alternatives, including their indirect and long-term social impacts
• develop effective strategies for implementing the chosen alternatives
• apply their analytic and quantitative skills in researching and analyzing issues from a policy perspective
• develop critical thinking in evaluating and comparing competing alternative policies
• demonstrate writing skills in composing a narrative report of the analysis which they conducted
• further develop communication skills through participation at meetings, con- ducting interviews, attending functions, and making presentations
• learn about the public and political context within which policy is developed and implemented
• develop political acumen in presenting and advocating policy recommendations
• opportunities to apply: Analytic Methodologies statistical modeling, probability theory, forecasting, statistical inference, regression analysis, risk assessment, policy evaluation, economic Logic and Public Choice economic analysis, resource allocation in a market economy, economic regulation, kinds of taxation, cost-benefit analysis
political and Organizational Analysis government bureaucracy, work force diversity, role of technology
• outlining Policy
• Pilot Project Canvasing
• working and attending meetings between KTG , City of Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti, Waste Management Companies, and associated NPO’s to produce
• assisting with events
• scheduling meetings for supervisors
• working with Kiss the Ground Board Members
• assisting with revising KTG Policy

How To Apply

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