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English Language Arts (ELA) Curriculum Development Intern

Pye PrepRemote
Unpaid Internship4 - 6 hrs/wk

3 months ago


In this internship, college students will help elementary, middle, and high school students to improve in their studies. The internship will start off with phase 1 which is creating vocabulary lessons for students to study words from books assigned to their classes, and inputting the vocabulary, the definitions, and the sentences into our vocabulary website. Phase 2 will be creating questions for short stories or books that will pique students' minds and fill them with a sense of accomplishment is necessary. The remaining phases will be helping students with their writing and other tasks. These exercises will help students learn better reading comprehension skills through repetitive questions on the different stories. Upon completing those tasks, the intern will move on to creating grammar and writing work for students, as well as editing students' writing on the internet.

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Must be a college student studying English, Education, or Literature. Should have impeccable grammar skills and like to read.

About Pye Prep

P.Y.E. is the place to be! PYE was founded with the intention of students learning the rudimentary skills needed to excel in academic life. Our approach to a life-long love of reading is a mix of the new and the old. Having students read recent top-selling books (Harry Potter, Insurgent, etc...) helps them to understand the present trends in literature. Along with new literature, we teach students the Classics through our literary Appreciation classes. The fundamentals, strategies, and tips and tricks that we teach for reading comprehension tests are lauded by our students who use them and score well on any and all tests they take. By reinforcing a student's understanding of grammar, sentences, paragraphs, and essays, using simple techniques, a student's writing ability significantly develops and they improve in school. Our grammar teachers are true grammarians who know the ins and outs of grammar and quickly and effectively make students themselves masters in grammar. Our math teachers teach math in a fun and innovative approaches either on the whiteboard or using tablet programs to engage students' attention through interactive problems and gamification. We at P.Y.E. welcome you to participate and help improve the world of childhood education one step at a time. This internship will be for college and university students to learn and work to develop remote Learning Management Systems for online classes. Many top employers begin focusing on prospects as early as sophomore year, and the first formal opportunities will likely become available to you at that time (spring insight days, mini internships, and so forth. In select cases, perhaps even a full summer internship). Internships in General: Many employers begin focusing on prospects as early as sophomore year, and the first formal opportunities will likely become available to you at that time (spring insight days, mini internships, and so forth. In select cases, perhaps even a full summer internship). In order to stand out as a sophomore when the recruiting train comes rolling into town, you can’t wait until that moment to begin your preparations. The sooner you start laying down the markers on your resume or CV that will identify you as a credible candidate for the industry of your choice, the better.
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Skills you'll need for this internship

    high school students
    reading comprehension
    elementary education

Skills you'll learn in this internship


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Pye Prep is actively interviewing now. Due to the volume of applications, Pye Prep has indicated that they will not follow up unless you are selected for an interview.

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  • Education8%

  • Art History Criticism And Conservation6%

  • Psychology4%

  • History4%

  • English Language And Literature3%

  • 211 other majors71%

People who did this kind of internship end up at the following companies

  • Teach For America
  • US Congress


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