Concept Artist / Illustrator

Start date: 08/07/2023Duration: 25 Weeks
Co-op Internship

4 months ago


Book illustrators work to a brief from a publisher or author to create images that accompany a story or text. Depicting characters and worlds based on descriptions, a book illustrator must think in terms of visual storytelling and forge a creative connection with the author.


Interested applicants must be advised that this is a long-term volunteer project, and as such, you must be ready to contribute to the game on a long-term basis (however, as this is an unpaid position, full-time dedication is not expected)

Therefore, the ability to communicate clearly and effectively with other team members is essential

It is also important to not afraid to ask and discuss, and find out the solution should any problems arise

We are an English-speaking team, so proficiency in the English language is a must

Working knowledge of design and drawing programs such as photoshop, illustrator, procreate, or your program of choice

Excellent understanding of art fundamentals: lighting, composition, architecture, human anatomy, etc

About POC Publishing

People Of Color (POC) Publishing: Empowering Voices, Building Bridges Description: People Of Color (POC) Publishing is a dynamic cooperative formed by talented tabletop role-playing game (TTRPG) developers of color. As a pioneering force in the gaming industry, POC Publishing is committed to dismantling barriers and creating a space where diverse creative voices can flourish. We understand that for many authors of color, the path to recognition and success in the publishing industry has been obscured by systemic challenges. Therefore, POC Publishing was established to serve as a guiding light, offering a supportive and inclusive community where unique stories and visions can be brought to life. At POC Publishing, we believe in the power of storytelling as a means to foster empathy, understanding, and unity. Our cooperative comprises diverse creators who share a passion for TTRPGs and a common goal: to pave the way for underrepresented authors of color, amplifying their voices, and introducing their stories to a global audience. By combining our collective expertise and resources, we aim to reshape the landscape of the gaming world, crafting a more equitable, diverse, and vibrant future.
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Skills you'll need for this internship

    book illustration
    adobe illustrator
    adobe photoshop


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What happens after you send in your application?

POC Publishing is actively interviewing now. Due to the volume of applications, POC Publishing has indicated that they will not follow up unless you are selected for an interview.

POC Publishing also indicates this role is likely to convert to full-time.

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  • Communication4%

  • 141 other majors42%

People who did this kind of internship end up at the following companies

  • Dreamworks Animation
  • Pixar Animation Studios
  • Electronic Arts
  • Titmouse
  • Microsoft


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