Start date: 10/01/2023
Paid Internship$25 - $25/hr

3 months ago


Goals: To map the appetite for geothermal investment within the VC community and to help new-to-SHR companies identify strong targets for venture funds.

Scope of Work: Use the CATF Pitchbook account to:

  1. Landscape the geothermal funding space. This includes active VCs in geothermal energy and their dry powder, number of funds, amount invested in geothermal, total fund size, etc. Particular attention should be paid to investors in next-generation geothermal energy companies (CATF will provide a list of these companies, identified through Pitchbook).
  2. Identify firms which have not invested in geothermal, but who have invested in clean tech alongside other firms that have invested in geothermal. Landscape their dry powder, number of funds, amount invested in geothermal, total fund size, etc.
  3. If time allows, interview select VC firms from phase 2 to better understand their interest in investing in geothermal (goal of this workstream: help geothermal companies start conversations with VCs, demonstrate interest in geothermal across the VC space).

Produce a written report summarizing these findings. A shorter blog for publication on the CATF website may also be requested.

Location: This is a remote fellowship, and the fellow may be located anywhere in the United States.

Timeline: The first two phases of work (landscaping the geothermal funding space and identifying firms) are anticipated to take 30-50 hours to complete, though this estimate may change depending on the initial findings. The length of the third phase of work (interviewing VC firms) will vary based on the number of firms interviewed. Time will also be needed to write a summary report. The majority of the project must be completed by early November 2023, when access to the CATF Pitchbook account expires. The final report may be written after November, with a flexible timeline.

Compensation and Structure: The fellow will be paid $25 per hour for this work. There are no set hours and the fellow can manage their time as they choose. Interim check-ins will be held throughout the course of the project to gauge progress.

Application Process: Applicants should contact Ann Garth, Senior Geothermal Associate (agarth@catf.us) with a resume and cover letter sharing their qualifications to carry out the above scope of work. Follow-up interviews will be conducted with strong candidates. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis.


CATF highly values the following:

·      Self-direction and the ability to work independently

·      Time management skills

·      Knowledge of finance and venture capital

·      Knowledge of clean energy funding, especially for emerging technologies

·      Understanding of geothermal energy and next-generation geothermal energy is a plus

About Clean Air Task Force

Clean Air Task Force (CATF) is a global nonprofit organization working to safeguard against the worst impacts of climate change by catalyzing the rapid development and deployment of low-carbon energy and other climate-protecting technologies. With 25 years of internationally recognized expertise on climate policy and a fierce commitment to exploring all potential solutions, CATF is a pragmatic, non-ideological advocacy group with the bold ideas needed to address climate change. The organization started in Boston but has since expanded to work across the U.S. and around the world. As an organization, one of the areas we prioritize is achieving positive climate outcomes through policy change. As such, we seek to influence policymakers and the ecosystem surrounding those policymakers – including NGOs, think tanks, industry organizations, and private funding sources. We work on numerous technologies, including superhot rock energy (SHR), a form of next-generation geothermal energy with the potential to meet long-term demands for zero-carbon, always-on power. This energy source is largely ignored in the decarbonization conversation, but if technological advancements can access this resource deep underground, it could revolutionize the energy sector.
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Skills you'll need for this internship

    renewable energy
    renewable energy markets


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How will you be compensated for this role?

$25 - $25/hrHourly


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What happens after you send in your application?

Clean Air Task Force has not provided an expected interview date. If Clean Air Task Force chooses not to move forward with your application, they will notify you.

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